Pay 4 Me Services

Buy And Pay For Anything You Want Online

  • There are times you will see some downloadable or physical products you want to buy but no Paypal account to make such payment online
  • You may want to do registration for your exams abroad or pay for tuition using electronic means, we will help you do all these
  • We help you pay for those downloadable products like eBooks,software,video tutorials, school tuition fees,with our PayPal account
  • Since 2012, we have satisfied thousands of clients in Nigeria.
  • We help them buy cpanels,fivergigs,crypter,webhosting,domain,Foreign,Universities,Fiverr

    How We Operate :

    PayPal Pay4Me Service

  • Go to any website you want to make payment online.
  • get the link (URL) and email us with the link for us to ascertain what it will take to make payment.
  • And We will get back to you with details.

    How Much We Charge:
    350 Naira, Per Dollar($)
    We deliver within 6- 12 hrs you have paid for the services

    NOTE:We don't refund after a successful payment or transfer. We believed you have cross-checked the product to buy or order to make before asking us to pay or transfer on your behalf.Prices above may change without prior notice.

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